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In the last 30 years children have been born with tails and horns, but have human parents. Those children that are not killed at birth grow up to be the tainted. They are hated by many of the populous, but some gain rank and prove themselves in the courts of their lords. The fact that they are often born under a divine sign has aided them in this matter. The tainted will still have human families and they are still products of their upbringing and as varied in personality as the humans are. Tainted generally look human, however they all have horns sprouting form their heads. They often also have one of the other following deformities... tails, discoloured skin, fangs, scales or vestigal wings


The tainted have no history of their own, due to them being a recent addition to the lands of Valys. It is not known whether there were tainted before the Sundering, although stories of the tribes of sorcerers do tend to imply that there were some in their number.


Tainted tend to follow the culture of the human society they were brought up in, atlhoguh many are outsiders and have no rank or station, others are brought up lovingly by their parents. There is no restriction of social class that a tainted can be born into, however, there is a heavy social stigma to the tainted and their parents so it is rare that a noble will acknowlage fatherhood of such a creature.


Very few tainted become priests, mainly because people resent them speaking for the gods. However, this does not mean that all the tainted are not religious. Often seeking private prayers the tained often took for forgiveness or acceptance from the churches. It is believed, however, that may of the tainted are tempted to worship their demonic progentors and this has led to a lot of distrust of the race.


Tainted will dress as appropriate to the homeland that they come from.

All tainted should have at least 2 horns, although the type of horns are up to them, some tainted are born with short goat-like horns on their forehead, others with curling ram’s horns whilst others have large bulls-like horns. Every tainted should have at-least one other deformity although they should realise that the more demonic they look, the less likely it is for them to be accepted by the majority of people.
The deformities they should chose from are:

Tails demonic like tails are easy to hide away, but are a clear clue to the demonic nature of the tainted
Skin many tainted are born with a discolouration to their skin, although normally slight the tone is
obviously inhuman. Red is the normal colour of discolouration although other tainted have a blue , green or black tint to their skin.
Fangs Although fangs are normally associated with the Fae, some tainted are born with 2 or even more pronounced fangs. These tend to make the tainted look more snakelike – although it has led to some rumours that the Fae are responsible for the tainted’s birth.
Scales The scaled look to some of the tainted, especially around the neck, hints at a reptilian nature to the demons. These scales grant no protection, but often itch and cause discomfort for the tainted.
Wings Some of the tainted develop vestigial wings , and although these have no practical use it does
make it harder for these tainted to hide their demonic nature.


Tainted often have the same names as humans from their homeland, although often they will have a nickname that is used for them – these are generally unpleasant to a lesser or greater extent.

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