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Naturae are spirits of nature given human form. You are likely to see spirits of the rocks, spirit of the trees, spirits of the rivers and spirits of the air on Valys. They have a humanoid form, for they are part of the earth and take form to resemble the gods (at least in part). Naturae are often peace loving creatures, at one with the land, but there is always the exception to the case. Naturae are short lived creatures, born at full maturity but their life spans are rarely more than ten years.


The Naturae are the oldest race in Valys, even the Fae cannot remember stories of times when the Naturae were not protecting the most sacred of places. The Naturae are the spirits of the sacred places of the land made manifest. They have only had one purpose for as long as anyone can remember, and this is protect the land itself. It is said that the Naturae were created by the Earth herself and are an extension of her will. There are stories of when a ruler was harming the land and being selfish, the Naturae would rise up on mass and overthrow the ruler.

The Naturae are normally live a lonely life and rarely deal with other people regularly. However, over the years many have found that speaking to the humans is the best way to protect the land. The Naturae often have worked with groups and kings to advise them. Often a Naturae will grant favours to someone who has shown an act of loyalty or trust to them. It is the bond with these people that often will cause the Naturae to give their lives if necessary to betray the debt.

The Naturae venerate their mother Earth and the spirit world. They are highly spiritual in nature but have no real concern for the Gods. They often see themselves as above the petty squabblings of men and gods and instead seek to serve their true purpose and protect the land.

Naturae often wear simple cotton garbs to cover their bodies. They rarely wear any more human clothes than is necessary for human’s decency.
They are the hardest of the races to physrep – and their makeup and costume should give the image of a spirit of their element. Physically they resemble the element that they are born of, although they are actually flesh and blood rather than being made of water or air. It should be obvious what their element is by looking at the naturae itself.

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