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Varkana is a place of tall forests where the Wolf runs free. The Lords here hold court across the land and protect the people from the dangers of the wilderness.  Honour and Valour is valued above all other virtues and the pact between Lord and Serf is based on service and labour, personal relationships and oaths.


Common Races:          Humans, Naturae

Uncommon Races:      Fae

Rare Races:                Tainted, Risen, Yo’tan


The land of Varkarna is split into four baronies. These baronies are protected by their lords and there is little travel between themselves.  The land is harsh and dangerous and the wolves and bears than dwell in the snow-swept land keep the villagers in their homes at night.  It is said that some of the wolves are possessed by Demons and they lead the other wolves to a thirst for human flesh. 

The four baronies each take their name from the noble family that rules them.  Although the Barons are now chosen by the King rather than being hereditary titles. 


Lord Wolf is the ruler of Wolfsholm.  The people of this barony are strong in arm and in purpose. Renowned for their strength of will as well as their strength of arms they have the bravest rangers and the strongest warriors.  The armies of the Lord Wolf are stronger than any others and they are trained to live off the land and fight under and conditions.  The land of Wolfsholm is not good for farming and the people of this land often take their sheep and goats long distances to find land for them to feed on. 


Lord Raven is the name given to the ruler of Ravenskeep.  The land itself is full of dark forests and the Maestir that dwell within this kingdom live within walled towns within forest clearings.  Ravenskeep is the large city that is in the centre of the Barony and here the armies of Lord Raven go out to protect the people of the land.  The people of Ravenskeep are simple and superstitious people and the major trade is the farming of wild pigs and boar and charcoal farming.



Lord Bear is the name given to the ruler of Bearsglade.  The thick forests that run across Bearsglade take up most of the land, but the large lakes and rivers in the middle of the Barony are where the majority of the towns are built.  The people of Bearsglade make their living from fishing and from mining for gold in the local area.  The warriors of Bearsglade are less organised than the armies of their neighbours but they are just as ferocious. 


The Lord Eagle is the ruler of Eagilsmount.  The majority of the land here is lush valleys surrounded by high mountains.  The farmland in the valleys is the bread basket of Varkarna and the people here are slightly more civilised than the surrounding kingdoms although they are thought to be less hardy and belittled for it by their neighbours.  However, the armies of Eagilsmount are the best equipped and the best trained if not the most battle-hardened.



Naturae are a common sight in Varkarna and most villages have one or two Naturae in the area.  The lords of the area will protect the Naturae and the land seeing is as part of their duty as a lord.

Fae in Varkarna keep themselves to themselves although they will tend to guide the Maestir where they see fit. They tend to have their own villages where they any uninvited meet a brutal death.  It is in Varkarna that the Court of Alder is based, although there are members of all courts here.

The Risen in Varkarna live a hidden life, their very presence seen as an affront to the gods and it is believed that their souls are stolen from the Realm of the Dead by the necromancers. 

Shadowkith in Varkarna are a rare sight and they are often seen as demon-tainted even more than the tainted are.  They are known as the thief’s of spirits and it is thought that they do dark magicks using the spirits of the dead as bargaining tools.

The Tainted are more accepted in Varkarna than any other country.  It is believed that they person who is born as Tainted lived a vile existence in their last life, but this is their chance to prove themselves in this life.  Although seen as the lowest of the low, the tainted are treated as trying to prove themselves to do their best.

Yo’Tan are not often seen in Varkarna but they are seen as the half-bred spawn of demons, worse that the Tainted for these are not human spirits trying to prove themselves but the foul barbaric rage of demons.


The Varkarna are rare amongst the Maestir, for they believe in reincarnation.  It is believed that the immortal spirit that dwells within the Maestir is returned from the realm of Shadows by Eorthe herself. Those Maestir that are loyal to their lord in life will be reborn into a noble family.  The nobles that act wisely and justly will be able to take their place in their lord Grim’s halls for eternity.  Those that do not act with honour and nobility are reborn as the lowest of the low.

The Varkarna are highly religious and worship of the Pantheon is incorporated into their every day, with praise and offering given regularly.



The Father God   



The Mother Goddess  



The Lord of the Sun



The Lord of the Hunt



The Lord of the Seas



The Lord of War                  



The Winter Queen



Lady of the Springs

Daughter the Mother Goddess and Lord of the Seas


Lord of Storms

Son of the Mother Goddess and the Lord of the Seas


Goddess of Strife

Daughter of the Mother Goddess  and the Father God


The Smith

Son of the Mother Goddess and the Father God


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