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Rolling verdant plains, ripe orchards and farmlands form the heart of Solaria. The promised land of Man, won with sweat, blood and tears.  The people of Solaria are pious and hard working but the discipline of their warbands are renowned across Valys.
Common Races:        Humans, Risen
Uncommon Races:    Naturae, Shadowkith
Rare Races:              Tainted, Yo'tan, Fae


The people of Solaria are a proud and honourable nation.  They are a strict feudal society where rank and title is decided by birth and marriage.  The people of Solaria are as pious as they are honourable and much of their day revolves around worship of Sol.  The majority of the Maestir in Solaria contribute by farming their lord’s lands and in return for their hard work and diligence they are given protection by his knights and blessings given by the local priests.

Although crime and banditry does exist in Solaria, the Barons and the church work hard to keep the outlaws in check and those that will act against the will of the appointed Lords of Solaria will find themselves excommunicated as well as hunted by well armed and armoured knights.

Is not a true barony per se but is instead the seat of the Monarchy from which all power in Solaria is derived
Broad rolling plains, meandering rivers and good earth. Croy is an agrarian barony providing most of the livestock needs of the kingdom. In addition some of the great Solarian steeds are found and reared here.

Is the northernmost Barony in Solaria and has the Fish and Anchor as symbols on its heraldic seal. This represents that much of the trade and wealth of Ardent, and indeed the kingdom flows through the market town of Erport.

The most heavily fortified Barony in Solaria. Unlike the others Overstone has no fertile fields providing food, neither do the great horses of Solaria roam here. Instead this border barony has access to the reserves of iron and precious metals which allow the chivalry of Solaria to have the finest weapons and armour in all the lands.

The heart of chivalry. At Freyne castle the sound of galloping hooves and splintering lances is an everyday occurrence. Here do the knights of the realm learn their trade. Here also the Church of Helios keeping a watchful eye out for new champions willing to spread the word of Sol to the masses.


Each of the Baronial coat of Arms contains Azure and Vert (respectively representing Sky and Earth). The remaining symbols represent the area from which they come.

Ardent:      Serpent and Anchor
Croy:         Knight, Crow, Sheep and Sun
Overstone: Castle, Sword and Sun
Freyne:      Horse, Lance and Sun
Vexeille:    Sun and Crown
Fae are a rare sight in Solaria often finding it too civilised and domestic for their tastes.  The Fae that are seen are rarely accepted by the lords apart from in exceptional circumstances.
The Risen are granted great respect in Solaria.  Those warriors who are strong and faithful in the eye of their lord Sol who died in battle are often brought back as Risen by his priest to continue in service.  Those not blessed by Sol, however, are seen as unworthy and tainted.
Naturae are often respected and venerated by the people of Solaria, but their council is not respected by the church of the lords who see their words as blasphemy.  Although some of the lord have taken the rare Naturae into their entourage for council.
Shadowkith are prevalent in Solaria but they often keep themselves to themselves.  They are not often trusted by the populous and often live outside the law in the wild places, however, the occasional lord will seek their council because 
For years Tainted were killed on sight in Solaria, seen as evidence of sin of their parents.  Times however are changing and in the more enlightened areas it is seen as a malady like madness and they are often sent to the Isle of the Dead to spend the rest of their days.
Yo’Tan are more of a campfire story to the people of Solaria than a reality, and very few of the people of the land have lived to tell a tale of these warriors.  As such there are many myths about the creatures and they are seen as brutal and barbaric cannibals.  

The Solarians worship Sol – The Lord of the Sun – as the patron of all the Gods.  Acknowledgements and respects are made most offerings and duties are to Sol, however shrines to most of the other gods are in place in the temples of Sol.  An exception to the place of respect for worship the other gods is that of the Winter Queen.
Those who grant worship and praise to the Winter Queen are regarded with suspicion and are not to be trusted and those born under the sign of the Hanged Man often are found with a fitting demise to their sign.

Holy days:
Winter's end: Where great thanks are given unto Sol that he ascends once more into his power and begins again to spread warmth and life unto the land.
Day of Reflection Where praise is offered up unto Sol in thanks for the the blessings of the last year
Days of Ill Luck:
Dark-night: When Sol's influence is at its weakest and prayers are offered up to him for his safe return.


The Lord of the Sun 


The Father God


The Mother Goddess


The Lord of the Hunt


The Lord of the Seas


The Lord of War

 The Winter Queen has no local name other than the Winter Queen herself.  However, she is often referred to many less polite names when bad luck happens.


As well as a given name, the people of Solaria are proud of their lineage.  Brothers, sisters and cousins share the same surname that will tell of the first disciples of Sol who led them from Calinthea.




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