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Naturae of Wood

The naturae of wood are often inquisitive and wild creatures. They tend to shy away from groups, but when they get a Maestir alone they are often both charming and charismatic.Two sample types of Wood Naturae can be found below:

Ghillie Dhu

The Ghille Dhu are the guardian of the trees. They are rumoured to be kind to children, but generally wild and shy. Often dark haired, they are described as clothed in leaves and moss. The Ghille Dhu are often called Green men. Often worshipped as Gaia manifest, the Ghillie Dhu protect the trees from those that would harm them.


Dryads are the spirits of the trees who preside over the groves and forests. Each one is born with a certain tree over which they watch. A dryad either lives in a tree, or close to it. The lives of the dryads are rumoured to be connected with that of the trees; should the tree perish, then they die with it. The dryads themselves will also punish any thoughtless mortal who would somehow injure the trees.

Naturae of Rock

The naturae of rock are perceived to be stoic and sober. They are often sociable creatures but are rumoured to have a terrible wrath.Two sample types of Rock Naturae are found below:


Oriads are the guardians of mountains and often there will be one or two for every mountain. They are sociable creatures and will often protect travellers, however, their fury is unmatched should anyone endanger one of their charges.


Trolls are large creatures with an outwards appearance of stone. They are the guardians of cliffs and protect mountain passes from intruders. They are rumoured to have a taste for human flesh, although generally they are calm creatures until their home is endangered.

Naturae of Air
The naturae of air are rumoured to be inquisitive and flighty. They are generally nomadic in nature unlike other naturae and travel from land to land where the wind takes them. Two sample types of Air Naturae are found below:

Sylphs take a human form and appear to all extents to be made up of air itself. This is not true however, and it is only the mottled whites and blues of their skin that seems to give this illusion. The Sylphs tend to mix well with the Maestir and seek to find out all about them.

Anemoi see themselves are the Lords of the Wind. They are strong creatures that seek to bully and direct the actions of the Maestir. The Anemoi claim to direct the winds themself and it is the harshness of the winds and storm that is the wrath of the Anemoi.

Naturae of Water

The naturae of water are gentle and kindly beings.  They are often the focal point of a community and those who live around the water will be granted the aid of the Naturae in return for caring for the lake, river or stream. Two sample types of Water Naturae are found below:

Naiads are water dwelling creatures who come out of the water to deal with humans.  Although kindly and reclusive a Naiad that has been wronged is a dangerous enemy.  Generally, however, they will show their compassion to any that need their aid and are said to be very loyal to the community that they dwell beside.


The nix are often protrayed as cruel creatures that seek to lure humans into their domain.  They will use tricks, lights and songs to try to lure unwarey travellers into the water.  But these folklores are unkind on the Nix.  They see themselves are bringers of justice, only playing their tricks on the cruel and the selfish and protecting their community from those who would bring them harm. 

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