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Humans (and by extension Tainted and Risen) of note are born under a divine portent. This shows itself by a Sign that is seen in the sky when they are born. This sign means that they have a spiritual link to one of the True Gods.

This spiritual link has the most profound affect for the Maestir, and often they will see the divine portent as a calling to go into the priesthood.

The Gods themselves also seem to bless those born under their sign and many of the great heroes are rumoured to have powers that the Gods have given them to forfill their destinies. It is said that the Gods will guide the people’s destinies for the Maestir to achieve its former glory. It is destined that those chosen by the gods will reclaim the great Isle of Calinethea.

Priests are the key to this fulfilment of destiny and they are the ones that are the recipients of greatest of blessings. However, the demon lords have an agenda too. In the rising of demonic cults across the lands of Valys, it is those born with a destiny who seem to be their targets. It is those who the gods have destined for greatness that the demon lords have set their sights on, and seek to either corrupt or destroy.

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