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Fae Courts
Court of Ash
“The Court of Earth’s Heart”
The Spiritual leaders of the Fae, the court of Ash is mainly druidic in nature.

This court is the spiritual heart of the Fae. It is their duty to complete the cycle of the Fae and they give guidance to every part of Fae from birth. The Court of Ash is respected by all the other courts and tries to stay neutral to any politics, and often acts as mediator between the other courts.
They feed on the more noble emotions of piousness, compassion and sacrifice. It is these emotions that draw the Court of Ash to druids, shamans and priests. The court of Earth’s Heart are the most proactive in trying to guide men to reach their destiny.
It was the court of Ash that taught Spirit Magic to man, and they often act as tutors and mentors to human druids and priests. As such they are widely respected and accepted across many nations.
Court of Alder
“The Court of the thousand parts”
The most emotive of the courts, Fae from the Court of Alder seek to inspire.

The Alder Court has only one rule, there are no rules. Many of the Fae laws receive a token adherence, but for instance, a place may be reserved for a druid at a feast, but it will never be the same seat and indeed the last person to arrive may be left standing. All that said, the Alder Court adhere fully to all of the druidic precepts and would never do anything to harm the balance of the land.
The Court treads a fine line between the acceptable and the unacceptable, and there are many that believe their actions bring the courts name into disrepute.
The Alder Court prefer primarily to feed off strong positive human emotion, lust, desire, love and has a reputation for holding incredible feasts and parties.
Professions wise, the Alder Court are often great crafters and artists, but also provide many of the scouts and more stealthy elements of the Fae armies.

Court of Birch
“The Court of Songs End”
Solemn in nature, the Court of Birch are the court who revere death.

This court is primarily, but not solely comprised of Ankou. Their primarily function is to serve as priests of endings, as a counterbalance to the cyclic beliefs of the druids.
They feed on the emotions of tranquillity, contentment and resignation, although they will feed on feelings of grief and despair. They will never deliberately kill a human to feed.
The Court of Birch rely on their knowledge of when the time has come to identify their food, and most will dedicate as much time as possible to help prepare their charges for the transition. Certain members of this court have been known to appreciate the importance of a dramatic or poetic ending.
The second purpose of this court is as story tellers and lore keepers and the stories of those with destiny and those who have passed away are recorded and remembered here.

The Hawthorn Court
“Court of the Shadow’s Fall”
Wild and Unruly, Fae from the Court of Hawthorn are known for their deceit

The Hawthorn Court are the cruel tricksters of the Fae, they claim they help others by their actions teaching them to learn from their mistakes, however, the recipient of their tricks is often not as grateful. 
The Hawthorn Court prefer to feed off negative emotions - such as fear shame and embarrassment. They seek to mock and trick people to gain these emotions and relish the task.
The Hawthorn Court are often hated and hunted for the tricks that they play on mortals and other Fae alike. They seek out the most proud and try to belittle them, but they are also ferocious foes when their King and Queen demand it.

Court of Oak

“Court of the Silver Throne”


The Ruling Court – wise and strong, the court of Oak teaches honour above all other.

The Court of Oak are seen by many as the ruling court of the Fae. Although the other courts have no formal fealty to the Court of Oak, it is their word that carry’s the most respect and, on decisions that will affect all the Fae, they are the people who will make the final decision.
The Court of Oak will feed on the emotions of honour, bravery and courage and will try to support strong leaders amongst the Maestir to foster such emotions.
The Court of Oak has the largest armies of all of the Fae and they are the guardians of the Wild before all other concerns. They will generally seek to guide the other nations to make sure that their mother’s land is kept safe. It is only when their council is not heeded that they need to turn to other options.
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