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Multi-Event Ticket Special Offer for 2018
For a limited time we are offering a discounted 2 x Event Multi-ticket for both events in 2018.

Booking before 31st January 2018:                               

Adult (16+)


   £5 Saving

Youth (7-15)


   £10 Saving

Child (0-6)




Before selecting a Multi-ticket, please make sure you will be attending both events. 

If after you have purchased a Multi-ticket & then believe you cannot attend one or more of this year's events, please inform us so that we can free up the ticket allocation for another player.
Book here for your multi-event tickets


We require approximately 25 monster crew per event for both adult and children's plot. We offer a wide range of roles as well as the usual combat. 

Monstering is free and pre-booked monsters will be provided with free meals. This year all our events are camping based so we are unable to offer bunk beds.

If you monster 3 events, you will also have the option of an event to play for free.

If you'd like to book to monster all 3 events, please log in & select the free Monster ticket from the Multi-ticket booking page. Single events can be booked via the individual event options.
Ticket refunds require 28 days notice by email to before an event and will be subject to an administrative fee. Multi events tickets will only be refunded if you cancel them 28 days before the first event of the year and do not transfer to events the year after
We will transfer tickets between events during the same year as long as we have 14 days notice before the event.


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