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Event 8 - Struggle

Event Details:

The King of Solaria is mad!
Not content with murdering priests and children in the streets, he has sent an unprecedented war-host to Calinthea. 
Tasked with destroying his enemy, the mysterious Child of Sol, they are also purging the land of all heretics. 
Baroness Overstone calls you to arms. Settlement is besieged by Demons springing from an unknown source. 
Messengers have arrived at the Gate of Shadows, and Gaia's Grove to seek out the Predani and Varkanan's who now live there.
A war council will be called at a secret location near to Settlement, located by Fiain scouts, which may hold some clues as to the source of these Demons.
In the dreams of the innocents, a dark figure is seen - a raven haired demonic prince spreading taint through the realm of innocence. The children are called once more to fight for Calinthea with all their skill, wits and hearts.
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