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Event 7 - Corruption of Creation
Event Details:
Something is wrong, Varkana scouts sought out the Grove and found it sealed from them with no signs of life anywhere nearby. Mad cultists of disease and decay attacked the Kingdoms at the Gate of Shadows, and on the last day a construct  came and tried by words then force to convince us not to go to the Grove. 
Its death revealed much demonic taints mixed into herbs; the land itself corrupted and made animate. Gaia's words echoed in the heads of her children this, must be destroyed. The Winter Queens wrath froze it in place so that good steel could slay it.
Dreams echo across Calinthea and Valys. Gaia and her children demand that Creation be cleansed lest the blight return aagain - a dark evil poises to return. Not just dreams for the Chosen but also for the Fae and Naturae. They hear the words of Gaia echoing in their sleep.
Dark ships dock in isolated coves of Calinthea, armoured men disembarking and spreading into the countryside. Word from Solaria filters to the other Kingdoms. House Dondarion are declared traitors, Sol Victus Enemies of the King. How long will it be before this war comes to Calinthea?
Demons and sorcerers stalk Ulidia seeking the Warriors of Babd Catha, seeking their lifes blood though finding it costly in the taking when they can find it at all.
Varkana is mysteriously silent, no word heard from it.  Rumours of a civil war are rife or of some attack from the East but its borders remain silent.


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