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Event 6 - Gate of Shadows

Event Details:

The Gate of Shadows must be protected; the T'Sil demon tainted creatures have made it their target.
Tor Garoth, no longer a myth but a Risen Kith, has come to the Kith and given them a token to lead them to this place.
The T'Sil must be stopped from using the Gate of Shadows to inflict their demonic taint upon the Shadow Realm.
  • What is the Shadow Realm?
  • What is the Gate of Shadows?
  • Why do the T'Sil want to seize it?
Vantikar the Demon Lord stalks the land, his servants seeking something - no one seems to be certain what.
Somewhere in Calinthea an army grows - sightings of men in armour. Rumours abound of a woman leading them. Rumours from Solaria speak of Sol abandoning the King, of priests beheaded and burned.
A Fae army has arrived at Settlement followed by its grim priests of death; what is their business here and why do they report to Baroness Overstone?
A Varkanan fleet sits at anchor on the coast of Calinthea; what are its orders?
Amidst it all still there are Xercean’s asking questions, seeking some lost item.
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