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Event 5 - They That Take The Sword

Event Details:

With the Blight apparently removed from Calinthea, the Maestir are free to explore their ancient homeland.
Now they journey to the site of an ancient battle to find what secrets the Gods have chosen to reveal to them and to follow their Destinies.
The Sages of Valys have delved into Calinthea’s past and revealed that the battle fought here was the first in the war that would one day lead to “The Sundering”. It was here that the forces of the Gods first clashed with their Demonic enemies, using the Maestir as their weapons in this war that would see Demons and the Gods themselves, removed from Calinthea.
The location itself is said to have once been a gathering place for the Sorcerer’s that served the Demon Lords. Here they built shrines to their dark masters and learned their whispered secrets.
Now the children of the Gods have chosen to journey to this place of ancient Demonic worship to reclaim it for the combined peoples of the Holy Lands.
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