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Event 4 - Valley of the Kings
Event Details:
The Settlement is safe.
The peoples of the five kingdoms of Valys have cemented a base from which they may continue to explore the ancient homeland of the Maestir and have learned of a bastion of knowledge and power that may aid them in their endeavours.
The King in White, a mysterious and ancient leader of a long dead Kingdom of Calinthea has been discovered and has invited the innocents of Valys to visit this “Valley of the Kings”.
No one knows what lost and hidden secrets of Calinthea’s past may have lain there undisturbed for countless centuries, or what light they may be able to shed on Calinthea’s past. Some believe it may even hold the secrets of the origins of the Maestir.
Great knowledge, power and glory await those brave enough to dare the journey, but great peril is never far away.
The Nations of Valys ready themselves once more for a journey into their own history as they travel to the “Valley of the Kings”
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