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Event 3 - Settlement
Event Details:
The Holy Lands of Calinthea stand on the verge of a new age.
The tribes of man have put aside their differences for a time and sent forth workers into the Holy Lands protected by the blessed banners to build a place where they can live together in peace… yet at what price?
No sooner had the workers begun their labours than the very land itself seemed to rise up against them.
What evils have befallen this place - this spring of life? The workers report twisted dreams, unnatural noises in the night, and then there are those that just disappear.
The Gods whisper and the Kingdoms of man heed their call. Journey forth once more, seek out the Holy lands and discover what foulness taints the land, for there is still much to be learned and many secrets yet to uncover of the histories of the Lands of Calinthea, of the people that dwelt there...and of an unnamed King.
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