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Event 2 - Elysium Fields

Event Details:

The Gods have spoken...
One of the Maestir has been chosen as the mouthpiece of the Gods, speaking in their name for a year and a day, revealing the wishes of the Gods to their faithful.
The Gods decree that all of their children must seek solace in the Holy lands, yet the curse that pervades the land must be lifted before their children can find peace and settlement upon the Holy lands gifted to them.
The Oracle of the Gods has spoken, gifted with their voice and vision...
As the mouthpiece of the Gods he has spoken, saying that those of Faith must seek out the Elysium Fields, a place of the dead with great links to the Shadowlands. A land that pierces the veil between the living and the dead, where the curse holds no sway and may be used as a haven for those seeking to remove the taint upon the land.
If this new land is to grow, then the peoples of the Gods must journey forth and overcome the darkness. If a new civilization is to be built that serves the Gods, then the curse of the Holy Lands must be overcome. Heroes of the lands must gather at the Elysium Fields to defeat those that would oppose them and set the land to rights.
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