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Event 18

Common Knowledge prior to Event 18

A message has been passed to each of the nations prior to the beginning of this event by Predani Messengers representing their King

"I and my scouts have viewed the Xercean forces at Lewinar and the news is grave. They number greater than any army we have as yet seen. Not a ravening horde but a disciplined and well equipped force. With Gwethyr and Majure both at large and these flesh crafting monstrosities I do not believe we the nations of C...alinthea can defeat them upon the battle field in time to win through the Library and stop what ever it is they choose to do there.

Do not despair however for the Gods themselves are with us and a way has been made clear to us. One of the Land Spirits has come to us and told us of a way we can enter the Library via the dreaming and secure the library. It will take the help of all nations, races and faiths and most importantly your innocents. So I say to you meet us at the Graveyard and we shall open this portal and fight the enemy where they shall never expect it. We have guarded and protected our children whilst they have helped us find the tools we need to defeat evil. Now they will guard, aid and protect us while we save this source of knowledge we will need in our war and deny the Xerceans the prize they seek. We will show them that Man, Woman, Kith, Risen, Nature, Yotan and Fae, old and young will stand together to destroy them.

My own eyes have seen the Xerceans attempting strange magic's in the ruins of the library disappearing and quickly reappearing, the Land Spirit tells us that they are seeking to hurt her Son the library. There is more to this mystery and perhaps even a way for us to damage this Xercean foe from a direction they do not expect.

I shall see you soon"

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