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Event 17 - A plague upon your houses

Across Calinthea strange portents and signs abound, Gaia has awoken and the world is changing. The Children all report a new presence in the Dreaming but few further details are forthcoming. When asked they giggle and declare it is a secret

The Fae Princes have withdrawn. The Satyr gone, no-one knows where. Bron and his brother are embroiled in some elaborate game. Only the Sidhe, Maliarn, has been seen and he is raising an army. 

The Flesh crafters seem determined to expand. Now the fragile peace is shattered.

The Demon Lords are on the offensive and with the destruction of three of their number, their next move is awaited with some trepidation.

The Demon Lord Majure has taken the site of the ancient Hospital. Rumours of a vault and strange creatures within have spread from scouts. It is time to take the fight to her and perhaps finally slay the Demon Queen who destroyed Varkarna. 
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