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Event 14 - Revelations of War
Event Details:
War, war never changes. Vantikar, father of the demon prince. Buried under an obelisk for over a thousand years. He is coming. No longer will the Ullidians and the Solarians have to guess his next move, now the initiative is their's.
Arianatium, ancient home of the Eagle clan, home now to the free tainted nation. What secrets does it hold?
Now travel by gateway has been tested. What next with these strange devices?

Fiain, with the waking of the land and the release to fulfil his purpose of the Story Eater. What now of the land that has sheltered and taught humans in their exile?

Then the lesser wars, three Demon Lords loose upon the land. What do we know of their purpose?

Gwethyr, searches for something, whilst he hunts his prey of Baroness Overstone. Hunts her for a fate worse than death.

Laren, fortified in the realm of shadows. A threat for later? What is he doing there ? Is it a risk to overlook him?

Majure, decay and pestilence spreads at their touch, marked by the Oracle it has fled to where? What is its new plan?
Claw marks on the Oracles face, a testimony to its power and a warning.

Pits of flesh horrific creatures these must be stopped but how?

Take heart though. Reganth is slain, the ancient Ashen tree is awakened, the Prison of Valys is freed of its insanity.

Four of the twelve provinces are growing, the eight remaining hold knowledge and threats. 


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