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Event 13 - Prison of the Mind
Event Details:
The ships beach on the shore, grim warriors preparing to fight their way to the prison. There is a lot of confusion, the scouts return,  the site of the prison is currently clear of the expected major demon forces. There are signs of a group of creatures having attacked the prison. The scouts have removed the bodies that they found, quietly they describe to the adults the scene they found.
“The bodies were scattered all over the area, ripped apart and filled with arrows. There are no tracks leading to the area to reveal who these attackers were. The way to the prison is clear.   Temporary tents have been setup”. 
The scouts and troops will now secure the area. 
When you arrive little of the prison itself is still standing. There are remnants of walls dotted around the area with signs of destruction and digging. The grove itself still seems sealed and there were strange noises from within. A strange iron gateway and pedestal are prominent in the area.
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